What if repair is needed on my device?

Minor repairs will be completed at the time of the test so no trip charge is involved to pass the device.  Any repair that will require an extended time or price amount will require us to contact you to place a proposal for approval.

Does the water need to be turned off on Domestic lines?

Yes, the water does need to be turned off but for a very brief period of time.  Usual testing will take just a few minutes of water shutoff which will show little or no interference to the water supply.

Does the price of the test vary based on the size of the device?

No.  Unlike our competitors we charge per test not by the size of the device.  It is the same price no matter what the model or size so there is no need for different pricing structures.

What is done after the test has been completed?

We will contact your local authorities with the results from the test to assure you are in compliance with local codes.  A copy of the results will be left on the device for proof of test and a copy will be sent to you for your records as well.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, check, or credit cards.

Why does the backflow test need to be completed annually?

State law requires the test to be completed once a year.  This ensues the backflow preventer is working correctly to prevent any contaminants from reaching your drinking water.   Any water passing thru the backflow preventer will be kept in its proper place and not be brought back into the domestic line for contamination.

What if the device is located inside?

If the device is located anywhere inside the location and appointment needs to be made and someone over the age of 18 must be present to have the test completed by our certified technicians.  The test can be completed anytime during the year according to your retest dates by the village.

If the device is located outside do I need to have it on?

Yes, for all outside irrigation tests the system must be on for the season for the test to be completed successfully.

Where is my fire prevention device located?

All fire protection backflow preventers are located inside the location.  This will insure the device will not freeze year round to maintain your fire protection needs.

Where is my irrigation device located?

Typically irrigation backflow preventers are located outside of the home or business to make testing as easy as possible.  Some devices are located inside if requested by the customer.